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Marketing Dashboards

Marketing Dashboards

  • Visualize traffic, leads, and revenue.
  • Trend by day, month and quarter.
  • Heat maps and drill-down reports.
  • Correlate traffic source and effectiveness.
Covid-19 Compliance

Covid-19 Compliance

  • Monitoring building capacity.
  • Identify risk factors & scoring.
  • Mark cleaning times and procedures.
  • Log building attendance and other compliance related data.
  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

  • Chart satisfaction & large CRMs.
  • Performant "Big Data" databases.
  • Front-end visualizations at-scale.
  • Low-latency dashboards.
  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

  • Opportunities by location & value.
  • Trending leads by channel.
  • Identify priority in real-time.
  • Consolidate views of sales composition and revenue goals.
  • Location Monitoring

    Location Monitoring

  • Location activity, sales & security.
  • Staffing and cash management.
  • Sales and traffic trends.
  • Surface blockers and efficiencies in process management and scheduling.
  • Expense Tracking

    Expense Tracking

  • Plot expenses against budgets.
  • Job, location & employee tracking.
  • Identify projects at risk.
  • Client billing, savings and efficiencies.